Thambuttegama Central College

Thambuttegama Central College is one of the oldest schools in Anuradhapura district. It is said that this school has existed since 1880-1890. It is said that this was started in a coconut branch.

College's Motto

"අසමු දරමු හැසිරෙමු"


A child full of wisdom

නැණ – ගුණ සපිරි දරු කැලක්


The song of intelligence, the rhythm of the heart and the strength of the hands, giving birth to perfect children.

බුද්ධියේ ගීතය හදවතේ රිද්මයෙන්, දෑතේ සවියෙන් පණ ගන්වනු ලබන පිරිපුන් දරුවන් දැයට දායාද කිරීම  

Principal Message

Tambuththegama Central College National School can be introduced as a prestigious school in North Central province that becoming a reality of Central College concept of Hon. C.W.W. Kannangara . At present, almost 3500 students are studying and we can be proud of its reputation by being among the 10 schools with the highest number of students in Anuradhapura district. About 124 teachers and 20 non-academic staff guide the students. It is a great honor to see a group of former students who raised the reputation of Central College in various professions all over the island and devoted themselves to the pride of the country. As a Buddhist school located in an area of North Central Province that claims an agricultural economy, our future ambitions are to create  a generation of children who can make the island for an agricultural and industrial revolution and run the school as an institution that is not a burden to the government. For that, it is our only hope to develop the formal and informal curriculum to suit the modern world of the twenty-first century and to master the subject, interdisciplinary and end-to-end skills of the students and make a generation of well-rounded children.

(S.L.P.S.I)Principal – Thambuttegama Central College

Thambuttegama Central College

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